Pound for Pound World Championships

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Pound for Pound World Championships

Current holder - Poland

Title held since - October 11, 2014: Poland 2-0 Germany

Next title match - Georgia v Poland, Nov 14, 2014

The Pound for Pound World Championships(PPWC) is taken from the idea of the Unofficial Football World Championships (UFWC), and follows similar rules to that and also the lesson known Virtual World Championship and Nasazzi's Baton.

For anyone unfamiliar with the concept of either of these competitions, the wikipedia page explains it here:- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Unofficial_Football_World_Championships

However, The Away End believes that both of these tournaments have many undeserving champions.

The whole idea stems from Scotland winning the World Cup in 1967. They deserved their crown, because they had gone to the home of the then official FIFA world champions and defeated them.

The UFWC competition dates back to the first international game, but how could England be the first world champions when there was no world tournament to speak of? And many countries have gone on to take the prize after winning a meaningless friendly?

In boxing, in which the idea of the title changing hands is based, the title is only up for grabs in an officially sanctioned match. Boxers don't lose their titles if they lose while sparring.

The Virtual World Championships at least recognises only competitive, FIFA recognised games, but is flawed because it begins its champions trail to the 1908 Olympics, not the World Cup. None of these mock competitions recognise World Cup winners either.

Therefore, the pound-for-pound World Championships, in our eyes, recognises the true world champion.

Our rules, while similar to the above competitons, differ in this way:-

   - The tournament only began with the first ever World Cup, in 1930. Therefore Uruguay were the first champions of the world.

   - A country can only be recognised as world champions if they defeat the current holder in a competitive match. Friendlies do not count.

   - Before every official FIFA world cup, whoever the holder is has to give up their title to be contested for during the world cup final. Whoever wins the World Cup deserves to be recognised as the champion, otherwise why have the World Cup?

   - No-one can claim to be world champions during a World Cup tournament until they win the final. Therefore, even if the current holder is defeated during the tournament no trophy changes hands, as the trophy was given up at the beginning of the tournament in order to be awarded to the winner.

Now that the boring part of establishing the rules has been done and dusted, follow here the story of the PPWC.

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