Odds on Everton to come 4th this season

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Currently there are not many bookmakers posting odds on a fourth place premiership finish for Everton, in fact the only way of making such a bet would be posting one at a betting exchange, but that can get fairly complicated. The best way of betting that Everton will come 4th is betting that the club will finish amongst the top 4 clubs; after all it is not very likely that they will finish in the top 3. The current odds of a top 4 finish range from around 5/1 to 8/1, so by choosing your bookmaker judiciously you can find what should be a value bet.

Alternatively if you think that Everton won’t quite make it to the number 4 slot and that the club is more likely to finish 5th or 6th, then you could consider betting that it will finish in the top 6. Here the bookmakers are far more circumspect, and typically prices are around 4/6, which although this would be a bet that you would likely win it would hardly win you a jackpot. If you are used to casino gambling, then you will know all about hedging your bets, and you might consider betting on both a 4th place and a 6th place finish, being careful to select the optimum stakes for each bet.

That kind of sports betting can get very complicated, so you need to be clear how to work out the odds. It is fairly similar to poker where you calculate pot odds in order to find value bets. If you are not that happy about calculating odds and you play at online casinos such as http://www.iphonecasino.co.nz for entertainment, then a great football game you can try is soccer safari slots. You don’t need to work anything out, just make your bet and go for the jackpot.

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